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I have a 5 month old Ambanja, the breeder stated that he should be fed 5-7 crickets a day. But some post on here recommends 10-15 as well as some online resources. Which is more healthier 5-7 or 10-15? And when dusting crickets, do they need to be fully white or just a little? How do I know if the crickets are over dusted. By the way, my 3 month old should be here Thursday, so I will post pics of the chameleons soon. Thanks again ahead of time for the responses.
Mine will only eat 6-12, so feed them What ever he will eat limit it to 15. As far as dusting goes, sprinkle a tiny pinch of powder in a cup and shake up the crickets. Its not an exact science but u will see they will lighten in color.
What size crickets are you feeding? I don't know the size of your cham, but 5-7 large crix might be no more or less than 10-15 smalls or mediums... For an adult panther, I feed 3-7 extra large (mature) crickets or 1-2 superworms. My last five month old probably was eating around 5 mediums a day.
Hey guys, thanks for responding,
Yea he is eating medium crickets, 1/2"-3/4". So do you guys feed 7 days a wk? I just don't want to overfeed and cause obesity or worst an impaction.
I feed them as much as they will eat in a couple of minutes...and then leave a couple of crickets free in the cage every second day at that age.

If you constantly overfeed him he will get fat so that way you will know you are overfeeding him...so as long as he's just growing steadily, you are probably okay.
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