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I just ordered a 24WX24dX48H screen cage for Moe my male veiled who will be living like a king once it gets here since he is only about 4 or 5 inches right now from nose to tip of tail. My question is on the lighting. There are so many bulbs out there. I know that the flourescent bulbs are the one's that you all seem to recommend but which one is best? What is the ultimate UVA and UVB that should be emitted from the bulb? I want to makes sure I get this right so that I don't have to order anything different later on. I'll be getting a separate basking light as well as his current setup doesn't have one since his enclosure is already on the hot side. I guess you could say I started off on the wrong path when it comes to his enclosure (he is in a medium exo terra terrarium right now).

Also in regards to a misting system. Are they really necessary or will a dripper do the trick in both water for drinking and humidity levels if I continue to mist atleast twice daily? I don't really want to cut holes in the screen to insert a misting system nor do I want everything outside the enclosure getting wet as I'm assuming it's hard to control where the mist travels with a screen enclosure. With his current set up I have to mist about four times daily to keep the humidity where it needs to be and I'm not always able to do that. My guess is that the humidity level will be even harder to control with a screen cage.

Next subject is his "food dish". Right now I put the crickets in a plastic container that sits on the bottom of the cage. He actually goes down to the bowl to feast. I'm assuming with such a large cage he won't be so willing to walk all the way down to the bottom for food. What is the best way to "fasten" a container to the vines or the side of the cage? I thought about wire but don't want him getting cut on it. I may have to find another object to put his food in as I've ordered some silk and butterworms as well for him and am not sure if they will stay in the container like the crickets do. I guess that part will be a waiting game.

Right now that's about it. I'm in the process of finding a nice plant (live) for him and will be buying some extra vines and maybe a few branches but I think (hope) I can figure all that out with the safe plant list on the site, etc. I appreciate all your help. Maybe I'm just worrying too much but I want to do it right.


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the best bulb seem to be the zoomed reptisun 5.0, most members perfer this bulb.

with regeards to the misting system, i have not had one for my first 5 months and i have been fine but i am going to get one simply for convience.

you can hang a feeder cup in various diff, ways ie, twist ties, string, i made a wire frame from a coathanger that hooks into the fake vines,be creative just watch for sharp edges, also avoid useing a clear container as your cham may not see it and try to shoot through it.

i like pothos plants chaep and easy lol

this is all just my opinion. hoj


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Also you don't need to go buy any expensive uva bulb. Not necessary. A 40-60 watt regular white housebulb for basking will do the trick for you!!!!


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Im a new cham owner myself, but from what I have learned from these forums is most people use the reptisun 5.0 uvb flouresent tubes. As in regards to a feeding cup, I fasten mine using wire from michaels that has the green coating and have it fasten outside the screen so he cant get his tongue caught on the wire ends, here is a link to my feeding cup, I stole the idea off someone here on the forum but it works great and keeps the crix in one place so I can tell that he is eating and I can leave them in there knowing that they wont bother him while he is sleeping
The mesh is the mesh sandpaper from home depot that you would use on sanding poles, I dont have to worry about my chams tongue and the crix crawl on it so my cham can see them
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