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I finally went out and got a uvb light and a few other things. The uvb light is a exo terra 5.0(15 watt). I purchased a ballast from frasers pro hardware. One Question is
1) can I set the uvb light directly on his mesh enclosure or will it get to hot? and how long do i keep the light on?

2) i bought a cool spray on calcium supplement called Jurassi Cal, Any good? Phosphorus free.
I do believe that the UVA/UVB bulbs don't generate heat that will affect your screen. I am sure that you want to leave the light on for 12 hours.
One bulb and fixture will not generate enough heat to drastically alter the rooms temperature, however, the metal surfaces at the end of the bulb, as well as the bulb itself can heat up unbearably hot and could melt vinyl/plastic etc. put two small pieces of wood on either side of the mixture to raise it up half an inch.
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