A few chams must go...

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I am narrowing my focus to two, at most three species. In an effort to devote space and resources to those species sadly a few of my chams must go. All have been well cared for and come with a five day arrive alive, stay alive guarantee. I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason. Photos of all animals are available by request.

CB red-bar ambilobe. Approximately 12 months old. He is ready to breed and climbing walls to get to females. He is stunning and pics do not do him justice. He will make a beautiful display animal or breeder. 550$+real shipping


WC Nosy Mitsio Female:
She is a sweet girl. She is the last of my mitsio and I have no male to breed her with. She has been plagued with a jaw infection since acclimation, over 1.5yrs ago. It has been treated but persist. It does not seem to bother her and despite it she continues in good health, eats well, drinks well, and has continued to lay viable clutches. The only reason I am selling her is b/c of the lack of a male to breed her with. She is 30 days off her last clutch and will need to be breed soon. She is SOLD



1.1 CH deremensis
These were hatched by Mike back in July and have been raised by me since they were a few weeks old. They are awesome and the male recently popped horns, very cool. They are ~3" SVL and doing great. I would rather sell as a pair but will consider breaking them up if no one is interested in them together. 200$each+real shipping, or if you buy the pair I will pay for the shipping.


1.1 F. lateralis lateralis
These are fresh WC imports. I have had them a few weeks. Both came in as normal, dehydrated and with a touch of nose rub. I have hydrated them up, they are eating well, and the nose rub is all but a memory. Beautiful unrelated pair. They are ready to be treated for parasites or if you wish I will do it for you before they leave and you can do the follow-up. 200$pair+real shipping

All prices are negotiable. More pics available on request. Please email with any questions. Pay-pal is the method of payment and UPS will be the carrier.

I will consider trades for C. hoehnelli and/or B. oxyrhinum
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Hello all!

The rest of these chams must go! I do not want to post them on KS! No reasonable offer refused. PM me or email if interested I need to make some room ASAP.
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