a few baby ambilobes cheap

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hey everyone i have a few chams for sale all 100% cb ch ambilobes these little guys and girls are eating and growing great they range from 3.5 to 5 months old the males are all starting to get there reds and shades of blue most have had there greens for a couple weeks these are pretty docile babys the sire and dam were very gentle and held regularly so are the babys i have a very young daughter so i try to keep my chams as docile as possible these guys and girls are priced to sell at $160 males $85 on females plus shipping if you have any ? feel free to txt or call 704 460-2443 thanks
all chams are shipped overnight and will all have alive arrival and a 15 day guarentee



sry to all that have ask for me to email pics i have been exttremely busy and been on the phone with someone everyday about these guys i have 3 males 2females left the only pics of the sire i have right now is my avatar pic on here if you have more questions please txt me thanks
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