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Hey, for all you guys that have large Mist King setups planned, and or want White Nozzles. I present you with not only a Cheaper Comparable MK nozzle, but one that comes in White! If your into that sort of thing.

2020-01-07 15_42_41-.png

As you can see, the price is up top. 70 dollars + tax, nets you 10 Mistking comparable Nozzles! With all the Swivel, and the features of the actual thing. The only difference is these are plastic and I think MKs are Nylon. I am working on some planning for some White PVC, enclosures and wanted White Nozzles to go with it.

These would be great in such a cage, or in like a Dragon Strand Breeder, for HALF THE COST of the MK nozzles. Of course you have to buy in Bulk, but thats who this post is really for. If you are a small time keeper, and have 1 or 2 cages with 1 or 2 nozzles, just support Marty he does alot for the industry and his nozzles are made from better materials You can make Martys Nozzles (the premium line) for cheaper, about 5 dollars less per nozzle however you have to buy 50 at a time. This for the people that need TONs of nozzles.

And I know what your thinking, "Cyber we tried this, all the other Nozzles Suckkkkk" thats true and I agree, the secret is in the last item, it got cut off, but here it is.


That is the EXACT same Nozzle used in the MK nozzles. There is a line of them, with different colors as well.

MK nozzle is circle in red, and the other vastly different Nozzle they offer in Blue.

This was a great find as well, as it answers a question I have asked, I have seen asked alot, and never had a clear answer. How much water do our Nozzles USE. The answer, is 0.01981 GPM, or 1.18GPH. So if you need to plan your reservoir size there you go. If you run 1 nozzle at 8 mins per day (Pretty average I think) you will use 1.109 Gallon of water per week, per nozzle.
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I'd like to see what the 120 degree spray pattern looks like. If the MistKing nozzles truly are 80 degrees they look wide in person.

I thought similar, but then realized, a 120 spray would likely only be optimal from a Top down orientation.

80 degrees is quite wide, and they are 80. Also I think from a front to back situation, the 120 likely doesn't carry as far, maybe it does though as it uses 3x as much water.

Here is an example graphic of a 80degree spray.

A 120, would in theory litteraly send water horizontal from the tip. Best suited for a top down, center nozzle.

The 120s would be good for bios with planted walls, on the top in the center (depending on size) it may be able to more thoroughly soak the walls. An issue I have frequently with my large bio, that requires ALOT of Nozzles.


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So an update, I ran the numbers on the "Premium Line" these will be a black, and again you dont save much.

So we will go with 154.38, vs 199.99 (before Tax and Shipping) so you do save money, but not that awful much. However, when we are buying 20, 30, 40 nozzles it adds up!

You can get all these in 5 packs, I will add the links down below (except for the nozzles) the nozzles however are pretty messed up description, I am not sure if they are the 120s, or the 80s, due to the issues. I have a fresh MK nozzle that isnt working and am in need of a replacement so I will buy the 10 pack and find out :). I swapped the Parker Bulkheads, (Nylon reinforced glass) with the Nickel Plated Brass with Nylon Reinforced tube locks, for some reason they are cheaper. all of MK premium is Parker, and so is all of this (except the bulkheads, which MK also sells for more than the parkers)

2020-01-08 09_52_39-Amazon.com Shopping Cart.png
2020-01-08 09_53_00-Amazon.com Checkout.png

Links: (these may not be valid later, but I will link them for now anyway)

Parker's Catalog of all their Line(s) (section A applies to us)

10 Nozzle Group (as priced above):
Nozzle Holder
L Stem Fitting
T Stem Fitting

We can probably get better deals off of Amazon, will need to do some searching and such, though ALOT of this stuff comes from Partsgopher, who has there own site. I will do some checking and update links if the deal is better.

Again I WANT TO BE CLEAR, this is not an attack on Marty or Mistking AT ALL. His prices are good for a retail space, alot of these people have Zero overhead, put nothing into this or any other community. You should still support Marty, if you can. However sometimes thats hard, when you need tons of nozzles, white nozzles, and US sites are constantly out of stock with MK parts. I have spent ALOT of money with MK, and looking down the barrel of redoing my setup, and Way more complicated, and if I go with adding 30 more nozzles, I need to cut costs, so this has been journey and thought I would share with others about to embark on the same.
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