7mos old male Rainbow Ambilobe!!!!!!

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Up for sale is a 7mos. old male ambilobe purchased from Dr-O, Sire is Pixel! This guy doesnt even have to be fired up or in his pj's to throw off some wild color.

I would love to keep this guy he should be a killer in a few months he is already glowing and his blues are starting to outline his bars. You can look his dad up to give you an idea.

I just took some quick pics on my phone and didnt realy like the outcome if need be I can post some more pics but those are the best pics I could snap tp show some of the colors he is starting to throw. I just sold a very nice ambanja on here and this little guy is every bit as colorful.

This guy is priced to sell at 300.00 plus shipping. Priced to Sell!!!!


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