7 month veiled cham- feeding


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So up until now I have just been feeding my cham everyday, about 10-15 crickets (small enough for him to eat) a day. I read that this can form a dominance thing and that I should reduce it to every other day. The only reason I am even contemplating this is because recently, he has just been super grouchy and hissing at me. The vet said they can go through phases, like teenage boys, but I just wanted to hear what others who have veileds this size have done.

I dust with ca daily, ca +d3 weekly and multi monthly. He is in a cage about 18 wide, by 18 deep by 36 tall. I mist multiple times a day and he is super healthy. I have had him since he was about a month an half since he was the baby of a family friends cham.
I normally cut back on the feeding to everyother day at around 7 to 8 months depending on their size. I'd also cut back on the supplements to every other week on the D3.
Thank you. He is just a little monster. But I have noticed he has been eating the pothos, so that's good too.

Maybe eventually he will get near me again like when he was a baby.
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