7.5 month nosy be female

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7.5 month old nosy be up for grabs, includes hand made cage, not the best craftsmanship but it works. The cage is 4x3x2 so its a big cage. Everything is included, plants, vines, lighting, dripper, supplements and the smaller cage in which she will still fit if you dont want the big one (but hopefully you do). Unforseen circumstances have required me to let go of my little girl. Needs to be picked up because i do not have a car, if i did it probably would not fit the cage, you will need a van or suv at least to take the thing. I dont want to sell anything seperate because it would be too much of a hassle so the price is for the total package. Will most likely take any resonable offer.

Looking to get at least 275 for everything but will most likely take any reasonable offer. Will offer a discount for a fast sale :)

there are pictures of her on other threads ive post

Sorry shes sold now
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