6month old Panther Eggs


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my first clutch of eggs has been in an incubator @ a steady 73 degrees. My eggs have began to swell and have developed small cracks. I am going to get a digital humidity gage soon for newer gages.. what I would like to know is what should I be expecting from here on out? we have already began to check the eggs on a daily basis... which leads me to another question is that too often at this point? all info will be greatly appreciated and I thank any one who has any advice in advance.....
Normally eggs take 7-9 months to hatch, pushing the 9 months.

can you post a photo of your eggs?

you never can check to many times, unless you are picking them up, an dmoving them alot, in which case you could suffocate your baby.
Sometimes as eggs grow that can almost seem to "shed" their outside layer.... you may see eggs that look like some shell is flaking off. They also can develop small lines (like cracks but not actually cracks all the way through ) as they grow. I have had eggs do this before and I have also have had eggs not do it before. In both cases the eggs hatched as they should.

My average incubation is 7 months with temps ranging from 70 to 78 degrees.

You can check on the eggs often but be sure not to bump or jar the egg container while checking on them

I have a thread that you may find helpful to find it how close your eggs re to hatching


From what you are saying so far it sounds perfectly normal
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Thankyou... That sounds exactly like what I'mlooking at. please excuse the lag on responding but I'm having trouble posting the pics from my phone... But out sounds like what Dez posted.. Thanx again... I really appreciate the feed back
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