Heres a nice setup. This is not mine, this is JonathanF's of these forums.

Basically, all you do is put the dripper on top of the cage, and have the water drip off some leaves, and into a little bowl to catch the water.
The dripper in the picture is a "Little Dripper" by Zoo Med it holds 70oz. Zoo Med also has the "Big Dripper" that holds 1gal. I use this type of dripper for my cam and I am happy with it. You can find them online or locally at most reptile supply stores prices ranging from $3.99-$14.00. There are some other brands with the same concept and in the same price range but personally I really like the valve on this one better. If you search in the forums here, there are some great ideas for making your own dripper. One of the simple and inexpensive thing to do is use a dixie/plastic cup with a pin hole in the bottom and put it on top of the cage. Which ever you choose just make sure to clean it out well at least once a week so that there isn't any "slime" growing in the container. Good luck!:)
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