6 Hour Car Ride


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Dear Users,
I will be leaving for vacation in a month. I have a six month old veiled chameleon and he has to go with me. He is almost finished recovering from MBD (he had that when we got him) and I would like to know the best way to keep him warm and comfortable while we are in the car for six hours; without him getting stressed.
Thank you Spryte
You should just be able to put him in a box with a heat pack and a stick going through it for him to sit on and he should just go to sleep for the six hours. That's basically how it works when a cham is shipped so I think he should be fine. If I'm wrong someone please correct me.
I usually put them in a shoe box with a stick and some paper towels inside. Making sure the cham has enough space to turn around if it needs to. I don't use a heat pack, but then again, I don't run the A/C since weather is always fair here. I have driven half a day with no troubles to my chameleons. They just go to sleep.
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