50 Dubias $11.99 shipped. 100 Dubias $15.99 shipped!!

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We are now offering 100 counts of small Dubias again!

50 Small dubias are $11.99 including the shipping.
100 Small Dubias are $15.99 including shipping! In stock - ready to go.
*other sizes and quantities are at our website.

What do we feed our dubias ? We feed them our premium high quality Dubi Chow which has NO cat or dog food in it. It is a very high protein diet. We also mix Whey Protein into our food we feed our dubias. We also give fresh oranges and carrots multiple times weekly. Basically - we give our dubias the best possible food to give your reptile the best possible food! Get our Dubi Chow and Dubi Water at our website and have it shipped with your live dubias for no extra shipping! Click on this link for pricing and details! http://lllreptile.com/store/catalog/feeder-crickets-worms-rodents-roaches-and-more/feeder-roaches/

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