50° in Texas


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I have a panther chameleon and A veil Chameleon , They are both adults. Is it OK to keep them both outside, it’s going to be 50° for 48 hours thank you

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I have a panther chameleon and A veil Chameleon , They are both adults. Is it OK to keep them both outside, it’s going to be 50° for 48 hours thank you
haha I do the same thing in the summer! Bring them in for sure! too cold and they will die.


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So, I have seen iguanas in south Florida actually “freeze” in the cold and start warming in the sun the next afternoon and simply walk away. Not sure if cold would kill them, and 50 degrees likely not an issue for healthy chams, but why not bring them in if it is not too stressful for them?


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I live in Florida and my Cham was out in 40-50 degree weather last year and he lived lol. But I did end up eventually bringing him inside.
On the topic of cold temps in FL I remember last year it got so cold in south FL iguanas were literally falling out of trees because they were so cold! They would warm up and walk away like nothing happened come the afternoon lol


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It’s going to get 44 tonight so I brought them in
54 degrees and lower and imma be bringing them inside for now on. Last time it was 50 when I brought them inside and I felt so bad for them
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