5 month old Panther only wants BSFL


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Hi All,
Twice a day I have been offering a few different feeders to Emerald, my 6 month old panther chameleon. Routinely he used to eat BSFL, dusted dubias (using Repashy calcium plus LoD), hornworms (he has only actually eaten 3 of these...ever), blue bottle flies and black soldier flies. I’ll test out an occasional different feeder, with little success, so those are the ones I’ve offered most. The blue bottle flies are a sort of nightmare, so I’ve stopped those (fast, flying bugs just get loose). Anyway, recently, Emerald will basically just pick off the BSFL from his feeder bowl and leave the dubias. He won’t go after any of the hornworms I’m offering (free range, by hand or in his bowl). It’s getting to the point that I think he has only eaten BSFL for the past couple weeks! I did let the BSF that pupate free range and he ate those up fairly quick. I know variety is key, but he seems to be turning into a picky juvenile! So my question, what are the side effects of him only liking one food item (in this case BSFL/BSF)? How else can I supplement with multivitamins? Should I dust the BSFL with multivitamins and no calcium or d3? No supplements at all? It seems I shouldn’t just let it continue indefinitely, but considering people usually have troubles with superworm and butterworm addicts, not Bsfl addicts, I consider myself lucky! Anyway, thanks for the discussion!
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