4ft reptibreeze and big dracena for 6 month old veiled

darius fratila

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Hey I've had my veiled for about 3 months and he is around 5-6 months old, but I just put him in his permanent enclosure which is the extra large reptibreeze and put a huge red dracena in there,seeing as I have zero experience with live plants or fake plants since they require no no experience, I was looking to get some real opinions on this plant and whether it is the right thing to do by putting it in there. Again I am no expert so even the most basic comments can be helpful. I appreciate you guys, and rango does too.
Thanks ahead!!
Dracaena's are chameleon safe and commonly found in chameleon enclosures. That being said, they aren't great for climbing since the "leaves" aren't very sturdy. Really great and common plants to put inside a 2x2x4 enclosure would be a pothos, ficus or schefflera. So keep your dracaena in there, but you may want to include with the dracaena atleast one of the three I suggested.


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veileds eat vegetable matter. If you can keep two or three hybiscus alive
out doors and rotate them in the lizard cage they are not only good for the
veiled to climb on but provide some good nutrition and vitamins too.
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