48hr vacation.... Here's my story


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Recently I just got back home from a 48hr vacation in the Rocky Mountains. Now I have 3 juvenile New Caledonian Geckos and 2 sub-adult panther chameleons. That being said leaving them alone for that amount of time without human input was too long. So I called in a favor. I paid my father-in-law to come by Saturday and Sunday morning to feed and refill water systems. He use to keep iguanas and currently has exotic birds so he's no stranger to bugs or reptiles.

So here's what I did to help the situation.
1) I sat aside my boys favorite food. 10 feeders per day in a cup with some food and calcium supplement.
2) I refilled all water systems before I left. Also making sure water was readily available and easy to find for sitter.
3) I mixed up fresh Pangea for my geckos and placed in enclosures. This keeps for 48hrs so no need to do anything more for them with except spray them heavily once per day.
4) I put extra bulbs out in case some went out. Basking and UVB T5HO.
5) Mister and lights are automated so nothing to do there.
6) I placed sticky notes everywhere for everything including shutting doors lol.
7) I kept humidifier on medium setting (lasts 24hrs on 1 gallon) and kept AC set to 75*F.
8) Extra bugs were available and fed before I left in case of die off in food cups.

And that was it. All my animals were alive and well upon my return. I quickly fed my adult leopard gecko when returning and fed all my feeders as well. I will say though I cheated and checked my ADT alarm system once per day to see that he actually did come by. If he didn't I would've been cutting my trip short and coming home. Just wanted to share. I know a lot of people get freaked out leaving there babies. I will say I was quite scared myself the first day.
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