4 species of roach! Mealworm kits! Mantid ooths! Sow bug spiders!

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I have 4 species of roach for sale:

B. dubia - breeding groups (20/20 females, 5/5 males - subadult/adult,) $40
B. discoidalis - Small-mediums, $15-$20
B. fusca - Smalls/adults, $3-$17
P. surinamensis - Mixed, $10-$17

Mealworm breeding kits - $8-$15

Chinese mantid oothecae (eggs, GREAT for chameleons! Produce up to 400 babies each!) - $4.50-$15

Sow-bug killer spiders (D. crocata,) - $7-$10
- feeder packs - $1

Check my site for more details


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Have Large supers on sale now! Also have isopods and springtails for your tanks! They eat the decaying matter in the tanks to make clean up easier. They also double as a snack to some smaller animals!
Springtail sale! Buy two get one fresh culture free!

I will also have a few starter colonies of dubia for chameleon forum members only! It includes 20 adult females, 5 adult males, and 100 mixed nymphs plus 10-20% overcount. Only $30 free shipping! It will not be on my site so you must either pm me here or send an email to me ([email protected]) with your username.
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