36" x 36" x 18" all screen


All screen cage
i bought these cages for my 2 males thought they where cool. picked them up for 100.ea

i was a little worried about the size and when but i got to the shop in chatsworth CA that has them for sale noticed that they came with a 6" tray that they sit on. this is perfect for a drain pan since i just got my mistking.
so they measured out to 42" tall 36" wide 18" deep.

wanted to see if anyone is currently using these cages? any pixs of your set ups?

i will post some of pixs soon as i set them up

thanks for any input going out to buy a 30" UV reptisun
Some old pet shop in a city north of LA

but is looks nice. i was worried it was not enough space for my males but once i saw the drip try i was sold!:)
here is a pix
whatcha guys think?

No the whole black tray is the drip tray and where my plants will rest
All ready made the drain with a 1/4 drain to a 5 gal bucket.

I'll show some pixs once I set up :)
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