30 days to go and counting


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30 days to go and counting til I get my boys! Bad thing about it though I lost the 3 jobs that I was doing so I could do the enclosure and buy the supplies. So crossing my fingers that something picks up soon.

But on another note! I cant wait!
Congrats on getting new babies soon! By three jobs I assume you mean employment? Might wanna' make sure you have some finances in order to spend on these little guys. :D
As I stating earlier I'm working on the enclosure today. I'm using Ringo's old temporary enclosure and laying it on its side. Making it 38"L, 30" tall, 20"W, if I have to divide each side will be 19"L, 30"T, 20"W. These boys are still babies (5 months when they get here) so it should be big enough for them until I can get the big setup built. I'm looking into making a 30"T, 39"L, 21"W rolling stand to go with it.

Let me know what you all think!


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26 days to go and working on getting enclosure still. Picked up 3 small plants at lowes hoping they grow pretty fast. Have 3 umbrella trees, croton, and a ficus.
Due to unforeseen events, I'm forced to make the decision of one or none... Had to take make husband to the ER today unfortunately. Been waiting for an hour. He took him in the back to do vitals and havent seen him since.
It was an infection of some sort. The gave him an iv and numbed the area, cut a piece out of his arm

i freak out when driving on anything but off roads so he drove home, now hes driving to school. I need to get use to driving again
23 days to go!

Well I picked up a small ficus last week or so and its almost doubled in size already. Its growing like a weed!
20 days to go! & ive decided to change up the enclosure... The frame will be the reg. 65"T 38"L 20"W... But the enclosure with be 36"T 26"L 20"W with a open area for the free range 9" The Im going to get a 36" acadia light from light your reptiles that will be screened off so he cant get hurt:p
3 days to go

What happened to you telling me you were not doing it as you can't afford it? You really do need to be in a stable environment before you get another cham. Having no control of temps in a place that is as hot as Houston may be a death sentence for a jackson.

Please don't pm me asking for advice, tell me you are taking my advice, then come on here and say you were lying to me and are getting more chams you can't even afford caging or supplements for. That just makes me very sad. I will be even sadder when you kill these chams as you most likely will.
What happened to you telling me you were not doing it as you can't afford it?

You aren't the only one to be confused. It seems just the other day the OP seemed to be facing a major move, lots of family upheaval, and plan changes. Did we misunderstand?

Getting new pets shouldn't happen at this time in all fairness.
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