3 of my baby didnt make it

i check on my babies this morning and found three dead. i don't know if was they were weak to begin with or what but i have 3 happy one growing big 3 went to a friend and now i lost 3. these 3 didn't want to open there eyes at all but were still very active they are only 4 weeks old. what should i do to ensure the survival of my last three. please help and i know it is not a garuntee that it will save them
Were they all eating for you? I don't have a lot of experience with baby veilds, but with the panthers, I know that it I don't mist at least two to three times a day, they act very thirsty. They can dehydrate very quickly at that size. Also, food should be available at all times especially for smaller or weaker ones. I seperate them out according to size because they normally grow at different rates. Are you giving them a basking area with the ability to get completely away from the heat source? They use thermoregulation already even at that age. If possible, let them get some natural sunlight too. Not direct though, I find an area with filtered light under a tree or use a shadecloth. Sometimes there isn't anything that you can do, they just never really get off to a good start.:( Good luck with the remaining ones.

i have been doing all that except i spray them down every time i walk past there cage so they get plenty of water about 4-5 times a day. i use small round cricket containers for them so sun in on my porch were i keep the adult and they have plenty of cricket and small small mealworms ( new borns) they are dusted with minerall and calcuim dust. i will be buying new bulbs this weekend when a friend give me money to purchase stuff for him also (save shipping cost)
Did they not open their eyes from the beginning or is that something that has recently developed? If they were that way from the time that they hatched then there is a chance that they were born with some sort of abnormality.

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