3 month blue bar male ambilobe

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I have one remaining blue bar ambilobe male from this clutch. He just turned three months and is already 5.5 inches. His colors are just beginning to show and the blues are already looking great for his age. The bloodlines are awesome with the sire displaying a myriad of awesome coloration.
**PRICE: $150

Pic #1- sire
Pic #2- available male

I offer a full 10 day guarantee and even better, life-time support for your chameleon. So if you have any questions 5 minutes after you receive it or even 5 years later, I am there for you.

I accept paypal, postal money orders and credit /debit cards through paypal. LOCAL PICK UPS WELCOME!!!

Overnight shipping is usually guaranteed by 10:30am. Heat/cold packs are used as necessary to keep the chameleon comfortable as possible. Please inquire about shipping costs.

Feel free to call/text or email me([email protected]) with any questions.

Thanks for looking,
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