2nd shed finally


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Came home for my lunch break and BAM finally second shed since I got him, he's 3 months, shed the first day I got him 8/2 and then again 3 weeks later today :)


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Oh bless him. I think they always look so grumpy when they shed. I have a young veiled and so far he has added a week on his sheds each time so 2nd one was 3 weeks later then the 3rd one was 4 weeks after the second if that makes sense. I hope he sheds ok and feels happier afterwards. I love it when they shed as it means they are growing. Cute little guy by the way.
thanks yeah hes a beast, those pics my gf took by the time i got home it was mostly off him already just the tail to go and arms.... i cant wait to see how he looks color wise after this
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