2nd clutch


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My female panther laid her first clutch of eggs just over 7 weeks ago, she is displaying gravid colours but not had any more eggs yet, how long do they usually take to have their second clutch.


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Ive had a retained clutch as early as 5 weeks and as long as several months apart. I believe it has to do a lot with how she is being fed and the temps. Once they become breeding age I like to keep a laying container in the cage at all times, just in case :)


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time difference

The amount of food will play a huge role in egg production. from the number of eggs to the frequency of clutches. the more food, the more eggs and quicker turn around. keep in mind, this will also mean higher stress on your cham.


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She had 29 exactly 8 weeks after her first clutch, she looks fine apart from her colour she's still black, she went pink almost straight away after her first clutch.
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