2014 Chameleon Calendar


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It's calendar time! We are now accepting entries for our 2014 chameleon calendar. Last year the community submitted and voted on some beautiful photos and the results were awesome. We are hoping to create an even better calendar this time but need everyone's help to make that happen.

Entry Deadline: August 18



  1. Only two entries per member.
  2. Anything less than 2300x1800 will not be considered. Larger images preferred.
  3. Landscape orientation. Maximum resolution. No Humans.
  4. Please try to avoid compression artifacts and pixelation.
  5. Minor post processing is allowed if natural look maintained.
  6. All legal terms from the [thread=102]photo contest[/thread] apply.

General Info
  1. Text will be added to each calender photo in order to identify the species and photographer.
  2. To help build a diverse calendar, we will continue the process used last year and group entries into multiple categories. Some photo contest entries from the past 12 months are likely to be included as well. This means there will be multiple polls to determine the final calendar content. In addition to these categories there will be specific voting for the calendar cover.
  3. For 2013 we designed a standard sized calendar. Depending on the number of entries and their sizes there may be additional options for 2014 (oversized).

The top three entries from the calendar cover vote will receive a free calendar. All proceeds originating from calendar sales will go towards the cost of maintaining Chameleon Forums.

How to Enter
Please note the size and resolution requirements above. Entries have the potential of being very large files. There are three methods you may use to enter your photo(s). So that you know the status of your entry, I will reply to let you know your photo has been received and if there are any problems. If you do not get this reply within a couple days then your entry was not received and you should contact me.

1.) Email your entry as an attachment to the address above.
2.) Email or pm me a link to your photo.
3.) Upload your photo to the calendar section of our gallery.

We are striving for natural looking high quality photos. Entries should be what one would expect from a store bought photo calendar. Veileds and panthers will probably be in the calendar a few times due to their captive populations. Keep in mind the calendar will try to show a variety of species. This means that entries representing more unique species will have a better chance of being included in the calendar. If needed some previous photo contest entries that meet the requirements will be used. The information listed here may change at any time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my real name be listed on calendar photos instead of my username? What about my company name?
Yes, you can request your real name or company name. We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate names.​

2. How many photos can I enter?
No more than two entries per member.​

3. What size should the photos be?
Calendar entries should be at least 2300x1800. Resolutions from 200-300 are preferred. Landscape orientation is needed. The file size of each photo should be less than 15mb.​

4. If my photo is in the calendar do I get a percentage of sales?
No. Calendar sales are used to help pay for site expenses such as hosting and photo contest prizes. The top three ranking participants will receive a free calendar.​

5. When will the new 2014 calendars be available?
We currently plan to make the calendars available in October.​


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Your chameleon deserves their chance at stardom. Don't let them down ;)
Entry Deadline: Sunday August 18th.
3. What size should the photos be?
Calendar entries should be at least 2300x1800. Resolutions from 200-300 are preferred. Landscape orientation is needed. The file size of each photo should be less than 15mb.​

Does this mean you want the photos cropped to 8X10 ?


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Does this mean you want the photos cropped to 8X10 ?
I would not suggest cropping for any reason other than you think it improves the composition. I prefer larger photos because it allows for flexibility in the design process. The numbers I listed are just minimums.


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Sunday is the last day to submit calendar entries.

Two entries are allowed per member.



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thank you

I want to thank everyone that submitted a photo into our calendar competition. We received many excellent photos and I think this calendar has the potential to be the best yet. We'll be reviewing all the entries during the next few days and hope to begin voting this weekend.


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Calendar Voting Extended

Voting was scheduled to end today but has been extended to Friday. Similar to last year we did not receive many veiled photo entries and have decided not to have voting for that category. Voting for the calendar cover will likely begin Sunday.


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The Results

After much consideration the set of calendar photos for 2014 has been chosen. There were many great entries this year and it's unfortunate how little room there is in a 12 month calendar. I want to thank everyone that submitted photos or took the time to vote; your participation made this possible. Further announcements will be made soon about availability and a new special insert we have prepared.

Below are thumbs of the calendar pages. For those not familiar with our previous calendars the two images at the bottom represent collage pages.














The following 18 members have photos in the calendar:
ActionJackson, armando, Boakesey, CandyMan, Chameleon Paradise, coldbloodedAL, Ferdy Timmerman, jannb, Kammerflage Kreations, LLLReptile, Miss Lily, Olimpia, pigglett79, ponders, shaunaroxanne, showjet95, szpond, Trace

The calendar contains 6 different genera and 10 unique species.
Bradypodion transvaalense
Calumma parsonii
Chamaeleo calyptratus
Furcifer pardalis
Kinyongia boehmei
Trioceros cristatus
Trioceros hoehnelii
Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus
Trioceros johnstoni
Trioceros melleri

If our photo made the calender do we get a free calender?:D Also, it says there was a Bradypodion transvaalense in the calender when in fact it is a Bradypodion thamnobates.
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