2011 Reptile Super Show with link to photos


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Had and early start headed up to Pomona from San Diego. We had a great time speaking meeting some of the forum members that had displays. Kevin of AquaZamp/Chad of Tiki Tiki, Elisa of Chameo, Marty of Mist King and Mike and Kent of FlChams that made the long trip. All were great to chat with and they all spent the time to provide as much information to everyone (there were a lot of People) as possible. The Nose Be from Kammerflage was just beautiful, now my daughter wants one. Even though we didn't pick up any new Chams and there were some very nice ones. We only purchased food items for the 5 we have.

A thanks to all that took the time to chat with us, it made the trip worth the time and we look forward to working with you soon.



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Going through show withdraw. :( I won't be able to make this one at all. Working long hours at my day-job. Some of my chameleons are keeping me busy at my moon-lighting. Woke up to this girl with the tell tale signs of eggs laid. Dirt on the Nose and body.
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Sorry there were many more, I took what I could, hopefully some else with more time out there yesterday and today will post some.
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