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Hi everyone,

1)It's a weird question but , can chameleons fart? :D

2) I think my veiled cham is mealworm addicted now :( He refuses dubias/superworms/madagascar hissings. He used to eat all of them.But my bugs finished a while ago except mealworms so i had to feed him with only mealworms for a week. After i buy new bugs he started to refuse them. What can i do for him? I don't want him to eat only mealworms. :(

Thanks for any answer :)

(PS: my cham is 5 months old)
1. they huff

2. you starve him. Don't offer him anything for a couple of days, then offer crickets or whatever is it you want. If he doesn't want it, you continue not giving him anything until he eats. He will eventually.. cause he is really young and needs loads of protein to grow
Thanks for your reply. I didnt offer any mealworms for 5 days and i just put roaches to his feeding cup but he didnt touch them. He started to attack ficus leaves. Should i give him mealworms or keep giving roaches? :(

It's still same. It has been 10 days since I stopped giving mealworms but he still doesnt eat his roaches. He is active as normal and he poops. He just doesnt touch his roaches. Should i give roaches till he eats them? Or should i give mealworms again? :(
(PS:I think he ate 4-5 from cup)
1) No i havent tried crickets. There is no cricket seller in my country but there is few locust sellers.I used to give him locust too.But im out of them.If locusts can solve the problem i can order some. I have only dubias,hissings and mealworms right now.

2)Its somewhere between 28C-30C

Thanks for your attention. :)
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