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Hi everybody! New to the chameleon family but I have had many reptiles and animals all my life and love my chameleon that I just got last week!

She is a jacksons chameleon, pretty sure female, and only 2 months old!!

In a mesh cage where I am setting up a homemade drip system today but been misting 3-4 times a day and feeding fruit flies. I have seen this question a lot but not necessarily describing my chameleon completely. I bought calcium + d3 and then a multivitamin; both in the powder form. I dusted her fruit flies twice with the calcium this week. I was worried that she wasn't eating the flies because every time I'd stick them in there this week, I would go back a couple minutes later and some would be on the bottom. Then, thankfully, I noticed last night, and I just sat and watched her after I put the flies in the cage, that she was eating some.

My questions are, how often should I be feeding this size and type of chameleon the calcium + d3? the multivitamin?

Is there any other food you suggest that are small enough that she can have at this age and size, that might be easier to eat (and yes I know it has to be food that is smaller than the gap between her eyes) ? I did read something about 1/2" crickets, so I will check them out today and their size!

Read the care sheet for Jackson's and there is a very good video that a member did - I linked to it on another thread - I have a baby Jackson also and I am a newbie - so I don't want to give you wrong info but I read every "new baby jackson" thread and the biggest problems seem to be over heating-over supplementing and not enough humidity -
My baby is going to be 3 months this week - he loved pin head crickets for one day. Besides fruit flies I get him stapple flies from mantisplace.com - and pick out a few small crickets from the ones I get for my bigger panther - he's not too interested in any kind of worm and will not eat from a cup i've tried small phoenix and he had a couple of silk worms - they grow fast and the ones I got are too big for him and I have 1/2 a pod left even after feeding off most to my bigger panther.
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