18" dual flourescent?


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Anybody know of a dual 18" fluorescent tube reflector? In the grow-light world there seem to be lots of T5 options and they're all 22" bulbs. For my purposes T8 is preferable as the bulbs are cheaper. Plus I'm not aware of an 18" T5 UVB--and this would be for a daylight and uv combo. Thx!


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10-4! Looks like the two shortest linear bulb T5 sizes are 12” or 22”.

I’ll go for the 12” and go from there.


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I don't know if any Dual Bulb 12" fixtures, there is a sunblaster 12inch and the Reptisun. Grow Bulbs in 12" are also pretty limited.

I would get the Reptisun LED or diy your own.

Here's my Reptisun 14" (12" bulb) with 3 strips of 97CRI 5600k 550 lumens per strip, strip LEDs. The wiring is ghetto right now, it's not on a switch or unpluggable fixture side (though the fixture isn't either)

But my plans are to either hide a 12v buck inside off the fixtures present power source and switch or add a jack for the LEDs and maybe a switch to match.

Btw those LEDs are 1650 lumens, and the T5 is 720 when new. So more than 2x as bright as a second T5.

It would have been easier to start with a Reptisun LED, and modify it, vs adding strips to a normal Reptisun like I did, but would cost more. This was 60 complete. And is super bright, on my QT cage.

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