14% uvb


guys I just ordered a new bulb and bloody realised it’s the Arcadia 14% and not the 12% will it be ok to use as it’s on top of the mesh?


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for what kind of chameleon, how old and what size cage, can you post a pic of the enclosure too please? thanks!


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Both 12% and 14% are probably too much for a panther, unless the foliage is extremely dense at the top. 6% arcadia is the go-to for your average panther chameleon


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T5 HO or T8? If its T8 dont sweat it. If its T5, either raise it a foot over the tank, or as others said, wrap 1 layer of window screen around the bulb, and take it off in a year. Even Todd from LYR recomends the screen technique.
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