10 crickets each a day??


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Yup that is how much my 2 Jacksons eat. Is that the average? I don't know how well they were taken care of before. I found the boy on my way to pick up my daughter and I got the girl from a pet store that keeps theirs in a bird cage with literally a few sticks and thats it. I have no history and background except that they are obviously very good eaters...lol
My veiled will eat as many as I give him and then he goes and chews on the plants. I have regulated his feeding to 5-7 every other day. It seems some of these guys are like dogs and will just keep eating if you let them. Good thing they have us to help keep them on track.
k9 how old is your male? I'm giving my 6 month male anywhere from 12-15 crickets a feeding, sometimes with a superworm thrown in or so.
I have noticed that some people on Cham Forums feed every other day and others feed daily. I would think less but daily is a better option.
More constant nutrition and less gorging.
i feed my male veild who is roughly 8 mnths old 12 cricks every two days,im sure he would gladly pig out on more if he was allowed to..he has a very voracious appetite,my other male 4 mnths old eats not very much,like only 5 crix a day..he has never been a big eater..he refuses to eat super worms unless he is gaping at me and i stuff one in his mouth,then all hissing and gaping comes to a halt and he is like"what the hell is this thing" but he will chew it down,he is a skinny cham so i try to sneek in a super every so often just to make sure he is getting some supplements..he is a difficult little fella:)
My adult Jacksons will eat only about 5-7 crickets a day and If I do this for more than 3 or 4 days straight, they will often skip a day or two feeding, especially my female. They seem to not feed as ravenously as some other species do. If they are eating 10 a day, I would think let them. But my female especially has become somewhat obese, so if they appear to start having alot of plumpness, especially around they neck area and hind legs, you might cut back a little bit.
My panther eats from 10-12 crickets a day. I also offer up an assortment of worms. Mix it up each day so he won't get bored. He eats till he is full, sometimes there are a few left overs in the cup.
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