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    Mealworms, superworms, waxworms - shipped overnight!

    All kinds of feeder worms, shipped overnight to your door! Mealworms 500 for $24.95, 1,000 for $26.95 Mini Mealworms $24.95 for 500, $26.95 for 1,000 Giant Mealworms 500 for $27.95, 1,000 for $33.95 Superworms $34.95 for 500, $39.95 for 1,000 Waxworms 250 for $25.95, 500 for...
  2. LLLReptile

    Order the high calcium feeder worm - reptiworms!

    We now carry Reptiworms! Very high in calcium - these are the same worm species sold under other names online - the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens). This is the best feeder worm available, and is ideal for every insect eating reptile! **These are naturally high in Calcium...
  3. B

    How to you feed food?

    What is the best way to feed crickets and locusts etc. I have seen people cut out milk cartons and put mesh in it and have heard something about free range can someone please explain these to me and tell me which one is the best.
  4. Rango Vs. The Phoenix Worm

    Rango Vs. The Phoenix Worm

    Rango catching a Phoenix Worm
  5. Hydro


    This is an interesting shot of my Ambanja panther catching a meal worm
  6. Hungry?


    Just got her and she's an eater!
  7. 3,2,1...


    My baby veiled ready to eat a wax worm
  8. Dinner Time!!!!!!!

    Dinner Time!!!!!!!

    My chameleon just zoned in on his meal worm.
  9. Chameleon Action Photo.

    Chameleon Action Photo.

    My Chameleon catching a meal worm.
  10. Yummie!


    I caught Peetree just as he lashed his tongue out to catch a horn worm.
  11. taking aim at a worm

    taking aim at a worm

    my chameleon kyle taking aim at a worm
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