How to you feed food?


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What is the best way to feed crickets and locusts etc. I have seen people cut out milk cartons and put mesh in it and have heard something about free range can someone please explain these to me and tell me which one is the best.

i just release them in the viv & let my cham hunt for them, this gives him exercise aswell. dont forget u have to take the crickets out before lights out as they will bite at your cham while he sleeps, i feed mine locusts as u can leave them in over night with no worrys.
Here is the same little guy but on my channel this time (last one was on Jenna's channel). I like to switch it up so he gets some sort of mental stimulation out of it. In this one you can see that I have a tall cup that crickets can't jump out of. I then glued a small ceramic sauce bowl to the bottom of the cup. This makes it impossible for the cup to tip over since the bowl is heavier and round on the bottom.

OH, and with a wood chip substrate I don't want to let feeders run free and take the chance of wood chip ingestion.
I do different things for different feeders. Crickets and grasshoppers I will release into the cage so they can hunt them down, because like Stephen said it provides exercise (not just to their bodies but to their tongues - tongues will get lazy if they don't have to aim for their food from varying distances) and is mentally stimulating. However, if I'm feeding roaches, I will put them in a little cup and have them catch them from the cup. And if I'm feeding worms then I'll either hold them on my palm, in tweezers, or place them on a branch near the chameleon.

The roaches will just hide in the first dark spot they find and then they'll give me a heart attach the net time I'm cleaning the cage, so I don't want them to be loose at all. And the worms may not move much or sit on a branch properly, so I like to hold those too. But things like crickets, grasshoppers, mantids, etc. will go free in the cage.

I prefer not to hand/cup feed 100% of the time. Some hunting is not just beneficial, but essential, in my opinion.
I primarily cup feed. Just set the cup in the cage wrapped in some vines. If a couple of the crickets jump out of the cup I just let them run around until they are caught. They get out of the cage to play each day and when they do I always encourage them to eat from my hand.
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