1. leet13

    My reptarium background *progress pics*

    So far this is what I have... about to go down there and work on it some more. I had a hard time carving the buddha head so i added clay to it to build up some spots. Those areas are in gray (it will dry white). oh yeah, it also has one layer of grout on it so far. I need to add some zip ties...
  2. d3s5

    Out With The Old FR - In With The New!

    I've been working on a new FR for quite some time and have finally finished! Phineas seems quite happy with the results! Mostly I'm happy that I don't have to empty a bucket everyday! It's 6'x3' floor to ceiling, MistKing, 4 48" T5 HO grow lights and a 100 watt MegaRay UV bulb...
  3. Escapee !!

    Escapee !!

    Gizzy has turned all James Bond and stealthy tries to reach her fiscus in the window.
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