1. amalthea23

    How To Go To The Vet

    So, this morning I took Drogo to the vet for his eye issue, and that's been handled, but I couldn't help wondering what's the best way to go about the trip with the least amount of stress? It was COLD outside today. Absolutely brutal. Obviously, I kept the car warm. I had him in an explorarium...
  2. ReptiGeek

    Lump above right back leg, help

    Hey y'all, Don't bring happy news =/ I've noticed a protrusion has formed on the back right "hip" of my male veiled chameleon. He is 8 months old and has otherwise been in really good health. He shows no signs of MBD and has a proper supplementation schedule (Cal 5x/week; Multivite + Cal w/d3...
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