veilded chameleon

  1. Perfect timing

    Perfect timing

    Tiki my 10 month old female Veiled Chameleon
  2. Full Body 4month

    Full Body 4month

    Heres one with Boy Georges tail fully in it
  3. FullSizeRender.jpeg


    Bringing the lil bean home (safe and sound now in NY!)
  4. what'd you call me?

    what'd you call me?

  5. C

    Veiled Constipated, what else can I do? worried

    Current Problem - I am almost positive he is constipated. Bloated, grouchy, not moving around as much, not basking and has not pooped in 3 days ( ive checked). Is still willing to eat but don't want to over feed if he can't pass. (or should I continue feeding?) Already tried: warm tub soak...
  6. C

    new veiled is a pig and eats like a champ! pics

    I just got my cham, a 2 1/2 yr old proven breeder male. I take him out every morning and put him on a bird playstand (the wood is big and gnarly so my parrots are afraid of it) so now its a cham stand hahah I feed him either from my hand or on the stand (for slower moving bugs) This guy eats...
  7. Jay Sick

    super tranny veil new born look at the tail !!!!!!

    this is amazing i need not say another word
  8. Zen

    Veil Chamelon Cricket Problem

    hey everyone just bought some crickets and they have died will a veil chameleon eat the dead crickets or does it only eat live ones? thanks
  9. Midninight

    my veiled is all grown up!!

    Here's a video my boyfriend surprised me with the other day. My Veiled chameleon is 1 year old now!!!! :D
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