1. LLLReptile

    Jackson's Chameleons!

    Subadult Jackson's Chameleons $69.99 males / $59.99 females Medium Jackson's Chameleons $59.99 males / $49.99 females Click here to see our full inventory of available chameleons and to order! -Jen
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    Desert Side Striped Chameleons in stock!

    New chameleons in stock - Desert Side Striped! $39.99 each - limited quantity available! -Jen
  3. LLLReptile

    Male Dwarf Jackson's Chameleons

    Trioceros jacksonii merumontanus $89.99 each - males only Click here to check them out and order! -Jen
  4. LLLReptile

    Hard to get - Werner's Chameleons!

    We only have a few in stock! Feeding on crickets, dubia roaches, and regular mealworms. $79.99 each - males only Click here to check them out, as well as view our full list of available animals, feeders, and supplies! -Jen
  5. GmbH

    1.0 Trioceros wiedersheimi

    Hey guys, now, i want to show you another species what i got here. Here is my male Trioceros wiedersheimi... Have fun ;)
  6. Brad

    Furcifer vs Trioceros

    Among these two genera, which is your favorite? Is there a particular species that helped to make your decision? Adcham: adcham database Chameleon Forums: Furcifer | Trioceros
  7. Dez

    Chameleo Cristatus Video (crested chameleon)

    (Trioceros cristatus) VIDEO --crested chameleon Hi everyone, we just posted a nice video of :eek:Trioceros cristatus:eek: (crested chameleon) on Youtube! Not everyone gets a chance to see this beautiful species that much, so we made a video for everyone to see... Enjoy...
  8. Johnstoni Morning Stretch

    Johnstoni Morning Stretch

    woke up to this little trioceros johnstoni getting a morning stretch in.
  9. Werneri Occipital Lobe Close Up

    Werneri Occipital Lobe Close Up

    This is a close up of T. werneri female.
  10. Trioceros Cristatus Drinking

    Trioceros Cristatus Drinking

    Trioceros cristatus love water
  11. Male T. Deremensis In A Shy Mood

    Male T. Deremensis In A Shy Mood

  12. Trioceros Wiedersheimi

    Trioceros Wiedersheimi

    Trioceros wiedersheimi - perreti or wiedersheimi?
  13. Kinyongia Tenue

    Kinyongia Tenue

  14. Kinyongia Oxyrhina Baby

    Kinyongia Oxyrhina Baby

  15. Kinyongia Oxyrhina

    Kinyongia Oxyrhina

  16. Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus

    Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus

  17. Eye Of A Trioceros Wiedersheimi Peretti

    Eye Of A Trioceros Wiedersheimi Peretti

    beautiful eye with a red bar
  18. Peek-a-boo.


    Baby Tr.ellioti checking out the camera.
  19. Samson On The Larch

    Samson On The Larch

    first sunbath after a long winter
  20. Trioceros Deremensis

    Trioceros Deremensis

    Trioceros deremensis CB juvenile
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