trioceros johnstoni

  1. Morning Stretch

    Morning Stretch

    Male Johnstoni chameleon in Rwenzori National Park, Uganda 2021.
  2. BackwaterReptiles

    Johnstoni hatching...

    Well the eggs that were laid on February 8th of this year started hatching today (five hatched of six, and the sixth has probably hatched by now). Sure seems like a quick incubation--three months. They seem big, healthy, and strong.
  3. BackwaterReptiles

    Johnstoni eggs...

    This afternoon I received six good-looking T. johnstoni eggs from a very plump (and uncooperative) female who I literally designed a new laying bin for in an attempt to get her to lay. Finally, today was the day. I've got 2.3 johnstoni in the group, with one male who is the most aggressive...
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