1. samthechamman

    Pump powered drip system troubleshooting

    Hey everyone, I just finished my cage about a month ago! My cham is loving his new home. I posted here looking for lighting advice a while ago and received some great advice, so I figured some of you folks may have a good idea of what I should do with my drip system predicament. The cage...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    A whole lotta lotls!!

    So last year I decided I really wanted axolotls but the high Texas temperatures were not conducive to keeping them since their water has to stay below 72 degrees (impossible when it's 110 outside). Now that I live in Colorado I can actually maintain those temps so I got me an adorable little...
  3. Bloodhound

    Outside cage

    New 4X3x2' steel outside cage. I still have more branches to add. cageoutside by droolingbloodhound, on Flickr
  4. Bloodhound

    Tank pics

    Tank pics (fixed bad pic) Well I was going to shoot a sequence of Tank eating but he would not eat out of my wives hand. So I took some pics with his new Hibiscus. Owner by droolingbloodhound, on Flickr Forum code should work.
  5. ferretinmyshoes

    Pygmy habitats

    I have a handful of pygmy vivs now that I have babies coming out my ears! Just thought I'd post a few pics for anyone looking for inspiration. :) The original viv that houses the parents: The little viv for Meena, my only girl baby: Littler viv for my brother's baby boy: And...
  6. J

    help making a Lid do for a fish

    Hi, I have 2moro small fish tanks that have no lids on them.I have used them for crickets in them in the past by putting a par of tights on top and using the leg holes to get access typo them. Anyway, I have some pygmy eggs which will hatch in a few months and I plan to use the tanks for them...
  7. Luigi In His Cage

    Luigi In His Cage

  8. Tank's Hibiscus

    Tank's Hibiscus

    Tank checking out his new Hibiscus plant.
  9. Welcome To The Jungle

    Welcome To The Jungle

    Old setup
  10. Brev tank

    Brev tank

    Zoomed out view of the brev enclosure.
  11. My brev enclosure

    My brev enclosure

    This is a 70 gal. terrarium that houses 2.5 Rieppeleon brevicadautus.
  12. Tank


    Mafana breeder
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