1. Ilike4hornedchams

    US FIRE BABIES are here! Tamataves!

    Meet the amazing offspring of Dr. Ezazil Pepper and Esmerelda! Pictures in order. Sire: (Dr.) Ezazil Pepper Grand Sire: Pyro (Well known Tamatave breeder on the west coast) Dame: Esmeralda Grand Sire (Dame side): I Re-homed this female from a pet owner (non-breeder) who told me she was a FL...
  2. Jberd70

    Haunted Panther

    Here is our favorite little buddy basking in the warm California sun.
  3. Captive Creations

    Panther and Veiled Chameleons for Sale in Canada

    Hi everyone Captive Creations Canada currently has some beautiful panther and veiled chameleons for sale. Nosy Faly Panther Chameleons (Sired by Bowie) Males $300 Females $200 Ambilobe Panther Chameleons (Sired by Blaze) Males $250 Females $150 1 Female Tamatave Panther Chameleon $300...
  4. Captive Creations

    Nosy Mitsio and Tamatave babies are getting ready for their new homes :)

    Hi everyone, Its been a little while since I posted an update on any of our babies so I thought I would post a few of the photos I took the other day. The Mitsio clutch is from Zaphod and Rosie and the Tamatave clutch is from our boy Ironman and Lily our WC female. We recently lost our buy...
  5. LLLReptile

    Adult Nosy Be Panthers available - gorgeous males!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" ON SALE $29.99 each Video Sub Adult Male Veiled Chameleon missing toes $79.99 each Small Female Jackson's Chameleons $45.99 females Medium Jackson's Chameleons $59.99 males/ $49.99 females Sub Adult...
  6. P

    Tamatave Male #2 (Lots of pics)

    This is the second of three males we received as a CB Sambava but we've believe is actually a Tamatave. Sleeping, he's solid orange.
  7. P

    Tamatave Male #1

    We got this guy as a "CB Sambava" along with two others. We've concluded they're actually [WC] Tamataves. What do you guys think? He's not really firing in any of these but does get annoyed with the camera eventually.
  8. Captive Creations

    IRONMAN(tamatave) AND ROCKSTARR(Mitsio)

    Well I haven't had much of a chance to come on here lately as we have had clutches hatching like crazy first was our Nosy Be Clutch 3 days later our Nosy Mitsio clutch started hatching then a few days later our Nosy Faly babies started hatching not to mention we still have a few of our veiled's...
  9. Haunted Panther

    Haunted Panther

    Sun bathing
  10. Mr.grump Pants

    Mr.grump Pants

    Thor the 4 month old Tamatave Panther Chameleon showing mom how tough he can look
  11. Hellboy Saying Hi!!!

    Hellboy Saying Hi!!!

    one year old male tamatave panther chameleon
  12. Hellboy


    Male tamatave panther
  13. Do I Have Something In My Teeth

    Do I Have Something In My Teeth

    tamatave snacking on a roach
  14. Snack Time

    Snack Time

    Tamatave having a snack
  15. Nestaman


    8 months
  16. The Red Scare

    The Red Scare

  17. Aurelio


    Aurelio is a very big panther. I often look at him and wonder how a female can survive the logistics of mating. I don't have a female yet. I WANT ONE!
  18. Aurelio


    This is his coloration when he is on alert. He is green and orange when at rest. He turns a super bright orange when he sees a male panther.
  19. Dale


    Male tamatave panther
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