1. LLLReptile

    Get the right calcium for your chameleon's needs

    We all know how vital good supplementation is to chameleon care - we have a huge selection of calcium and multivitamins so you can choose the exact supplement that works best for your situation! The tried and true favorite - Rep Cal Calcium with D3 $5.95 Outdoor chameleons? No problem...
  2. melble68

    Supplements: indoor vs. outdoor

    What kind of a typical supplement regiment should I be using for a juvi male nosy be for the cooler months where he'll be inside vs. the warmer months where my outdoor enclosure will get used? I'm in Tampa, and I'm expecting / hoping for him to be housed outdoors for probably 3/4's of the year...
  3. junglefries

    What's for dinner?

    Let's discuss a few things. I just wanted to make an opinion thread after reading: the how many crickets per month poll. It was interesting & fun, however, it wasn't able to gives us the details some of us might be curious about. This might give someone(s) that 'I never thought of that' or 'I...
  4. ReptiGeek

    Vancouver, BC- Where to buy?

    A lot of people on Cham. Forums seem to live in the states, and those who live in Canada seem to be back east! Which is proving really difficult for me to find places to purchase necessities. I've searched the site for where people buy their Repashy supplements in the greater vancouver area and...
  5. F

    Jackson supplementing confusion

    I picked up a jackson's chameleon today and just had a question on supplementing. I currently have the Sticky Tongue Farms miner-all for indoor reptiles it's also phosphorous free with Vit. d-3. I was wondering if I should dust with this every other feeding. Also, what else should I dust with...
  6. sandrachameleon

    what's in supplements, by brand

    Hi Do you use a product not already on this list? if so, please would you send me the ingredient list etc? Do you use Nutrobol? If so, could you send me the details for that product please? Do you use...
  7. B

    Proper Supplementation

    Hello I recently started using a new supplement for my chameleons. I was wondering how often per week i should supplement zoomed's repti-calcium and/or rep cals calcium. and how often i should supplement them with herptivite. thanks:cool:
  8. Chameleons Northwest

    REPTAID: Natural Herbal Supplement. Boost immunity. Help fight parasites & infections

    Reptaid was developed to target common reptile health issues. It includes a variety of oils and herbs specifically chosen for their ability to fight against parasites and infection. Reptile keepers, veterinarians, breeders, and importers marvel at its affectiveness in helping to restore reptile...
  9. JaysonDuque83

    Vitamins and Supplements

    I have 2 panther chameleons, and I just want to double check with everyone what types of vitamins and supplements everyone gives their panther's, and what sort of schedule they follow. If you could please give me a list of the vitamins they are supposed to be getting and when, that would be...
  10. cba040608

    Supplementing Panther Chameleon

    I have found a ton of information regarding what supplements to give different chameleons on this website. However, I am overwhelmed by all the information and would like someone to tell me what they are giving their Panther Chameleon and how often . . .;)
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