1. studio2eight

    Caught in the act!

    I never see this chameleon eating - he's so secretive! My husband threw in a lubber nymph and we walked away. I checked back moments later... while we didn't see him 'tongue' the bug, we did get to see him chew ;)
  2. studio2eight

    New Jackson's Female!!

    Hi everyone, I've added a new creature to my collection, this pretty Jackson's female I purchased yesterday at Repticon. There were several females to choose from, prices ranging from $20-$90. Most were WC, none treated for parasites. I asked about the $20 chameleons, as they were the first...
  3. studio2eight

    My NEW BB Ambilobe - PIXEL :) (lots of pics)

    I have rejoined the ranks of Panther chameleon owners with the purchase of this little boy about a month ago!! I know, a little late right? But I wanted to give him plenty of time to acclimate to his new home in the southeast USA before sticking him in various locations of the yard and shoving a...
  4. studio2eight

    Photo Shoot Time!!! *Lots of Pics*

    I let Drama loose in the yard for a little while and got some nice shots of him. He even showed me his stripes :) His camo amazes me - God forbid I loose sight of him...
  5. Nova


    Nova, Jackson's Chameleon
  6. Can't Leave This Guy Alone For A Second!

    Can't Leave This Guy Alone For A Second!

    I leave my computer for a moment... and upon my return I find Drama, looking at photos of lady chams undressing! ;)
  7. Drama Up A Tree

    Drama Up A Tree

  8. Drama Exploring The Yard

    Drama Exploring The Yard

  9. Peek-a-boo!


    Drama hiding!
  10. Science Fiction Drama

    Science Fiction Drama

  11. Tragan


    Tragan, 3 year old Nosy Be
  12. Tragan <3

    Tragan <3

    This is my Panther, Tragan who passed away. He was my first Chameleon and was very special to me.
  13. Getting Ready For Bed!

    Getting Ready For Bed!

    Here's my Graceful right before turning out the lights. He's looking a bit sleepy. "Will you get that phone out of my face?!"
  14. My Enclosure

    My Enclosure

    This is my Graceful's enclosure, he is currently 14 weeks old.
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