1. B

    My baby panther is not eating!

    Help my 3 month old chameleon is not eating his casque is quite small and has a dip and eyes are not sunken he is in a screen cage. He has been doing fine until he started his shed then he stopped eating. He has not eaten for five days now. He is a panther Nosy Ankarea.

    Gravid Female Panther not eating

    Hello, I keep my girl Dory in a 2'x2'x3' enclosure with a big umbrella tree. She is outdoors most of the time so I really don't use UVB bulbs unless I leave them inside for extended periods of time (which never happens really). She has been gravid since 11/9, when she denied my male's...
  3. gollum

    feeding strike

    hi, i'm new to the forum, i have a male veiled chameleon thats gone on hunger stike, he used to eat eveything i put in from of him, then he would only eat waxworms, now only superworms, but he only eat a couple of them every few days! he's about 18 months old, i heard they eat less when they...
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