sperm plug

  1. cswan19

    Possible sperm plug?

    My veiled chameleon Malibu has something yellowish and crusty hanging out of his vent area. He is asleep now and I tried to grab it out using tweezers but it was hard and pretty stuck and I woke him up. I am leaving him alone now. But I think it is either stuck poop (if that is even possible..)...
  2. winterbones

    Video of Veiled Chameleon masturbating

    So my male Veiled Mylo had to go for a soak in the bath due to a build up of sperm plug that was clogging him up from masturbating too much. 5 minutes into having a bath and what does he do?! Starts masturbating some more. I've managed to video him using my hand for pleasure before, but...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Sperm plug or? Help!

    Hello everyone, first off, happy new years to you all! Now down to business. This morning Gizmo (veiled chameleon approximately 4.5 months old) went potty, and it was very clean and regular (brown poop, white calcium deposit, yellow urinate). However an hour or two later I noticed what...
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