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  1. MrSideliner

    My Cape Chameleon catching flies (South Africa)

    Here is a short video of my Cape chameleon catching flies :D The first time I posted you guys said it was blocked but now I had to change the song but same video lol The original song was "Queen - Another one bites the dust" Sad I had to remove it :( Oh well check it out and remember to rate...
  2. MrSideliner

    Mt Cape chameleon catching flies :) Please watch and if you have youtube RATE and comment! It wil mean the world to me :D Thanks!
  3. SageZA

    Sage's Chameleon Photo Thread 2011

    Hi Guys I have two threads were i have updated you guys. I would like to create this one with all my chameleons in one place :D The Old thread with Very nice Juv pics check it out ---->
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