1. New sleeping spot

    New sleeping spot

    Found himself a new spot to sleep tonight. Keeping a log of pictures to see in the future
  2. All tucked in for the night

    All tucked in for the night

    First time sleeping in that spot
  3. Sleepy Chameleon

    Sleepy Chameleon

    Sleepy little Gringo :P
  4. My Sweet Girl!

    My Sweet Girl!

  5. Sleepy Time

    Sleepy Time

    I love hissleepy timecolors...looking torwardto his shedding the red id tagon his tail though!
  6. Sleepy Sobe

    Sleepy Sobe

    The First time i see a chameleon Sleep, and the first time i see Sobe sleep.
  7. sleepy


    my chameleon very sleepy
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