silkworm eggs

  1. ChameLIonLover

    Silkworm Egg

    Hi guys, here is a pic of some of the eggs I got some coastal silkworms. Not sure if you can see but there are many different colors such as light and dark purples. I have had them out towards the top of my cham enclosure around 78-80 degrees or so as they are close to the lights. What do you...
  2. ChameLIonLover

    Silkworm eggs for ONE chameleon

    The smallest amount I can get from say, coastal silkworms is 250 eggs. I figure this should probably be enough for my one chameleon. If all of those hatch, I'd say this amount would last a month. I've read that I should probably call in or email to ask for my eggs that I receive to be in...
  3. Galaxy

    Poop question: Moth eggs?

    So, my brat decided to leave me a treat in his feeding cup. I was extremely alarmed at first, thinking some horrible creature was dwelling in my Cham's digestive tract. But then came to the realization that yesterday I had fed him some silkworm moths and that these eggs would most likely be...
  4. DayneDavis

    Coastal Silkworms Ordering

    So i just made my first order from coastal silkworms. I order 500 silkworm eggs and a 1/2 pound of the silkworm food powder. I was planning on keeping the eggs in a cooler and hatching them off a little at a time since I only have one 10 month old Jacksons, but I was recently warned that because...
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