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  1. PlowShredder

    US RBBB Babies Ready around 5/20/21

    RBBB babies are growing up fast! A small number of individuals will be available starting around 5/20/21. More Individuals will be available shortly after due to the different hatch dates of the clutch. Sire and Dams Sire pictured below, I will post pictures of the babies as they approach...
  2. Chillin


    Dayo’s Favorite Place
  3. kenya

    Genmaicha Shows His Colors!

    An update...I took these of Genmaicha today. One is entered in the photo contest. His original ones can be found on the first and second pages of this thread. At rest he is navy blue on darker navy blue or light blue on light yellow. Sleeping right now, he is light blue bar on light...
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