1. J

    Price comparison, what do you think?

    So SHORTLY after buying petco crickets once and spending 20$ on 150 crickets i decided online is really the only way to go. i usually spend about 25$ shipped on 500 crickets. which is about 5c a piece if im not mistaken. i just found a local pet store that sells them for exactly that. 20 for a...
  2. studio2eight

    How much to sell babies for?

    I've successfully raised my first 'clutch' of Jackson's. They are currently 5 months old and ready for new homes, except I have no idea what to price them at. Does anyone know what they are going for? I would like to sell them privately to make sure they all get good homes.
  3. beeek0


    what is a good site or person to buy adult dubia roaches from? I just need about 50 depending on the price... Please let me know where to find some. thanks
  4. Seeco

    What Does a Kinyongia Cost in Your Country?

    What does a Kinyongia cost in your country or town or wherever? If you know the going rate in your country or even see one in your US or CA petshop, let us know -- species, WC or CB, sex and cost. I think the average WC K. multituberculata here is $65 male or female, and CB is $100
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