1. firefrogg

    B. Dubia defense?

    Hi, i have started to feed my Bowser with dubias, and he loves them. I have noticed when the roaches get stressed, or something like that, they will get a drop, clear as water, on their mouth. What is that? Is it in someway dangerous to humans/chameleons/roaches? I cant find anything...
  2. B

    Is photinia okay for chameleons

    Hi I'm my screen cage i bought a plant called photinia because i couldn't find the ficus or pothos etc. I picked this plant in faith as i saw it on here http://www.cleanlinechameleons.com/safe-plant-list/ thinking i was doing things right until i recently found out that they are toxic when...
  3. ferretinmyshoes

    Dart frogs are complicated!

    And I thought chameleons were bad...they seem easy to get set up compared to darts! I've been spending a lot of time on dendroboard lately just drooling over some of the awesome vivs people make for their frogs! I love the all natural look!! Some of them literally look like they just picked up a...
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